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New  2019                                                                                                   Bike Hire and Tours

Our first bike tour was photographed to show the process . The customers were met with the hired bikes and talked through the bike and operation .including taking the battery off and fitting . Also how the bike functions properly. They were then given helmets and once seat correct height off on their tour. 

They had a guided tour with Laura pointing out points of interest and a pit stop for a coffee on route !! . We watched them ride effortlessly up the hill with the battery taking the hard peddling for them.Once back they had a lovely warm fire pit and sat back to enjoy the flickering flames and toast marshmallows  with a cheeky red wine

Many thanks Clive and Debbie for allowing us to take photos.  

Pedal Bike Hire 

4 hours £16.00

8 hours £20.00

24 hours £35.00 additional day £17.50

Weekend £45.00

Week       £90.00

E.Bike Hire

4 hours £45.00

8 hours £55.00

24 hours £70.00 extra day £42.00

Weekend £110.00

Week        £150.00




Route map 

£3.00 each item 

Tour guide £100 

Ponds view guided tour £75.00 per person .min of 2 max of 8 .   3 hour tour  12 miles .

Terms and conditions 

Only for 16yrs and above 

Deposit must be left without exception 

2 items of I.d. required per party

The hires is responsible for any loss or damage

Hire items price per item and terms and conditions apply .